Web Support Services

Email Solutions

Let CapstoneEsolutions Deliver the Email!

Your customers, clients, prospects, and the many others emailing your organization expect acknowledgement and a timely response.

Let CapstoneEsolutions be your “info@, sales@, support@” for your business.

Email Management Services

Quality Email Response

Our email response agents are specially selected from our team based on their superior writing, typing and comprehension skills to provide clear, concise and prompt responses.
Our staff can use your knowledge bases to create accurate, quickly prepared answers (and save you money). They will escalate issues they cannot resolve to your appropriate team members.
If there are truly URGENT messages, we can even call or page your employees. To assure customers that their messages are being read, CapstoneEsolutions can also send out receipt confirmations.

Chat Solution

Increase Sales and Customer Satisfaction with Live Chat

Live Chat Services for Your Website

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Skilled Customer Service Agents

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Easy to Use, Easy to Implement

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Website order Entry

Telephone Order Entry Services for Your Website

You have invested a lot of time and money into developing your e-commerce website. Many customers will shop on your website directly.
However, you may have many other customers who prefer the security of a live agent or just have a quick point-of-sale question… How do
you still capture and retain those buyers?