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Optimize communications between your clients and teleworking employees. Maintaining quality communication at all times with your clients, a professional image, and optimal employee productivity thanks to high-performing collaborative tools that CapstoneEsolutions engage even from at a distance—that’s the key to a successful business going forward. To meet your needs, CapstoneEsolutions has developed a teleworking solution that’s adaptable and that meets the needs of companies of all sizes, no matter the transaction volumes you have.

Home Work Solutions

Work From Home Experts

  • University Grads and Experienced agents with dedicated office space at home
  • Hi end processors and dual monitors
  • IP telephony
  • Mobile Phone service
  • Business-grade Internet access available at employees homes

How Is It Possible

This sounds great, I will try it. If it works, I will invite my family to join ?

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Easy to Use, Easy to Implement

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Telephone Order Entry Services for Your Website

You have invested a lot of time and money into developing your e-commerce website. Many customers will shop on your website directly.
However, you may have many other customers who prefer the security of a live agent or just have a quick point-of-sale question… How do
you still capture and retain those buyers?